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Live webcasting & streaming solutions for Event Agencies & Corporates

Our virtual event, webinar, and webcasting solutions can help you get started and take your content to new heights.

Our Webcasting Team will make sure your live event reaches a worldwide audience. Every year event planners are seeking new ways to expand the available audience.we integrate Q&A and polling for audience engagement, turning one-way streaming into an interactive collaborative webcasting experience.

We specialize in event live webcasting, live streaming & video production. Our crews and gear are located in different cities throughout India, and we have centralized producers and project managers, so we have the resources to cover events of all sizes across the country.

We bring the same high production values we would bring to many broadcast or TV programs.From lower thirds to custom logos and transition, we apply our client’s branding across all video broadcasts.

From monetized large-scale events to highly secure and proprietary simulcasts, we tailor our services to your needs. Tech demos which require heavy authentication are a very different product than a mass-market concert or conference.

With, you can have your event professionally streamed live to your organization’s Official Facebook page, YouTube channel, an event app, your own custom built page, or all of them simultaneously upto 4k quality.