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Maximum High Speed Internet For Video Production House

An event production house in Chennai has a large team members working from their remote locations every day. They approached us for event internet for their prestigious event shoot at prasad studios,chennai.Massive media files comprising hundreds of gigabytes are being processed and edited every day. Videos and Files need to be uploaded multiple times for customer approval throughout the project, so the client needed the fastest available bandwidth for the lowest possible cost.

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High Speed Wireless Radio Internet Connectivity

One of India's largest precision engineering and manufacturing SEZs has asked us to provide temporary internet connectivity as well as livestreaming the groundbreaking ceremony of their proposed special economic zone, which will be located 18 kilometres far outside the city. The event planners considered a number of options for connecting the event venue with a gigabit Ethernet backbone. The local cable provider, a competitive local exchange carrier, and a wireless solution were among the choices.