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Event Internet Solutions

We keep you connected: fast set-up, steady WiFi, anywhere, anytime, across all major event venues and business places in india.

There are numerous organizations, businesses and events that require temporary reliable connectivity solutions. Whatever your connection needs may be, we’ve got the right technology and service for you.

Our reliable WiFi & Internet solutions are ideal for any indoor or outdoor event venues

Providing high-speed Internet connectivity for temporary events doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team uses enterprise-grade network equipment to set up remote or on-site Internet services, installing, testing, and maintaining a Wi-Fi network throughout the duration of your event. We even disassemble everything afterward.

Before getting started, we assess your temporary connectivity needs to ensure we give you the right amount of dedicated bandwidth for your event. No matter how many guests are on the connection, your Internet speed will stay strong.

Network Solutions for all kind of events & event venues.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable internet connection for your temporary pop-up shop or outdoor retail activation, our Event or Temporary WiFi is fast, reliable, and convenient.

Internet solutions play an important role in how your customers interact with your brand. If they can’t log on in a flash, you’ve lost them! This is why we’ve developed our WiFi service to ensure people can get online quickly with a fast & steady connection.

Our retail internet technology is self-serve to create the perfect customer-friendly experience. All you need to do is tell us where you want your temporary WiFi or internet set up and we’ll take care of the rest! Our temporary internet solutions are great for boosting brand engagement as well as for live streaming, social media marketing campaigns, promotions and games.

Every outdoor event has the potential to bring an incredible creative vision to life. However, from logistics to mother nature, an outdoor event has more complexities than most indoor events. Many hours go into ensuring your event is seamless and successful.

From internet & WiFi, to live streaming and insightful real-time analytics, we can help your team achieve your event goals.

With eventinternet as a part of your connectivity team, we will provide all of your event WiFi and internet needs. Our reliable and easy-to-use WiFi solutions are the key factors behind the success of your POS terminals, audience and staff connectivity, and all your internet needs. Expand the reach of your event virtually to anyone, anywhere with our live streaming options, and better understand your event’s success in real-time by adding sensors and metrics to your space with our highly efficient Analytics platform.

Within many communities, festivals are used as uplifting celebrations that bring everyone together, in person as well as virtually. In fact, sharing online can be almost as important as the in-person experience, and with festivals being held in unique and remote locations, keeping your festival audience connected is key.

we ensures your festival attendees have access to reliable WiFi for your indoor and outdoor celebrations, no matter the location. Expand the reach of your festival virtually to those who couldn’t make it by live streaming your entire event from start to finish.

Live sports means keeping athletes, fans, staff & vendors connected online, with uninterrupted & secure internet access. we provide dedicated bandwidth circuits for wired connections and high-density WiFi networks to any live sporting major event venues across India.

Hackathons demand incredible internet connectivity for a large number of participants. Get the IT infrastructure you need to maintain flawless connection for all your hackathon attendees.

we manages every part of the IT network to ensure all your wired and wireless network services are streamlined, and can handle the high requirements of running such large collaboration events online.

eSports and gaming events require a steady internet connection for players, teams, and their audiences to participate in real-time. In a highly competitive online environment, consistent and accessible internet will make your event a success. With the high density requirements of online role-playing events and sports tournaments, keep teams and fans connected with our live streaming capabilities for your next sports event.

Ensure uninterrupted internet access for your gaming event attendees, anytime, anywhere, across major venues in India.Connect with us to find out how.

When you need to turnaround a quality corporate event in a new or remote space, ensuring secure access to reliable internet is key to success. Eventinternet has a simple one-box solution for temporary, fast setup internet kits for wired or wireless connections for all your attendees. Whether a AGM Meetings or a Townhall meeting, make sure your pop-up corporate event benefits from a quality connection.

When hosting meetings, conferences and corporate retreats, a reliable internet connection is key to making the most of the connections. Focus on the content, and the people, and leave WiFi to us.

The fast-moving world of photography, film, TV and video production requires connection speeds that can keep the show moving.

Whether a long-term shoot or a pop-up day session, we offers temporary wired or WiFi services for film production, commercials, TV and video sets, and all related events. Streamline your production cycle by ensuring your team can connect and easily share and collaborate through our plug & play, portable, internet solutions. Easily set up and relocate your WiFi along with your lights, camera, and action.

Brand activations should drive brand awareness, exposure, and loyalty.

With custom-designed connectivity solutions to support all of your bandwidth-intensive applications, including live video streaming, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality, eventinternet will ensure a reliable, temporary, plug & play wired or WiFi connection, no matter your location, on time and on budget

Concerts are all about the experience, and even more so, about sharing that experience! Event Internet makes sure your concert gets blasted across all social channels from anywhere and in real-time by providing your fans with a fast and secure WiFi connection.

In addition to helping your audience share their experiences, we also ensure your production team, vendors and all staff are taken care with all of their WiFi needs.

We can provide site-wide internet coverage or we can set up hotspots that are promoted as the places to go to get online. Hotspots opens up opportunities for you ideal for brand awareness promotions & sales areas. Sky's the limit on what you can do. Imagine… a VIP Lounge can be a WiFi hotspot with attractive phone-charging portals and an interactive social media wall. These areas become sought after destination points perfect for sponsorship or advertising opportunities.

With temporary internet hotspots and trade show internet solutions from Event Internet, you can transform how you market your brand to create meaningful, long-term customer relationships.

When you set up a booth at a trade show, you’re expecting to attract qualified leads. With our trade show internet capabilities, you can engage with customers and gain data insights from real time analytics.

Event Internet’s temporary WiFi gives you the benefit from on-the-spot interactions at your next trade show, so you can connect with people the moment they visit your booth. Event Internet also provides real-time analytics, so you get the insights you need to build on your success.