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Event Network Design & Installation

We designs, deploys and supports enterprise network services for the world’s leading industry trade shows, conferences, and convention centers.

We design, deploy and manage high-density wireless networks that are tailored to deliver each client’s specific needs with rock-solid performance and exceptional service. Our dedicated team of professionals are prepared to deliver what event planners and show floor exhibitors need for a successful event.

While it’s easy to design a network that works under normal conditions, many convention centers networks can’t meet the needs of the massive events they host. we offers a comprehensive solution for telecommunications and facility network technology to ensure your event space is capable of meeting the high-density requirement today’s events demand.

Our Event Technology Specialists have all the technical know-how and real-world experience to ensure your event runs smoothly. They thrive in the fast-paced world of live events, helping constructively in rehearsals and reacting in the moment to ensure the audience and speakers have the best experience possible.

With experience supporting events of all sizes and types across the world, our Event Technology Specialists have a formidable reputation and will always go the extra mile. Approachable, calm, professional and with unrivalled technical experience, they will ensure everyone is fully briefed and confident in the technology before the event and able to adapt the technology to keep in step with changes to the agenda and presentations when the show goes live.

Network design for all kind of events & event venues.

Meeting and event planners are increasingly looking to include wireless technology in their events. Engaging attendees with mobile apps and audience-response systems, networking platform access, guest login and interactive demonstrations require a well designed network to support this capacity of users and devices. Sales trainings and corporate events rely on uninterrupted WiFi Internet service that should only be provided by a company specializing in event Internet services with a highly skilled team of network engineers using state of the art equipment.

The increasing popularity of hackathons provides great opportunity for hackathon organizers and sponsors, but also poses some serious challenges. One of these challenges is providing flawless Internet connectivity for participants in large meeting spaces which may not have been built with the IT infrastructure required to support such a unique type of event. Hackathon attendees have high expectations. They demand a fast, enterprise class network with on-site IT support throughout the event. Pulling off an impeccable network experience requires a skilled team of network engineers and the latest high-density WiFi equipment which few ISPs can provide. Whether your hackathon event is a 24-hour sprint, one that lasts several days, involves a few hundred participants or even a couple thousand, we’ll get your IT infrastructure set up correctly and working great.

A virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) works the same way as a physical AGM, and the only difference is that it is conducted fully online. Shareholders or participants can gather and meet virtually to learn and understand your Company’s financial performance, strategies and future plans.

Securing basic Internet service is easy, but providing reliable event Internet service in high-density environments such as trade shows or conventions is anything but easy. From sessions, to booths and stands, to digital signage or social media walls, these events feed off of high-performance connectivity solutions for every participant type.