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Maximum High Speed Internet For Video Production House

Maximum High Speed Internet For Video Production House

An event production house in Chennai has a large team members working from their remote locations every day. They approached us for event internet for their prestigious event shoot at prasad studios,chennai.Massive media files comprising hundreds of gigabytes are being processed and edited every day. Videos and Files need to be uploaded multiple times for customer approval throughout the project, so the client needed the fastest available bandwidth for the lowest possible cost.

We deployed a GPON router as well as load balancer which was able to handle both a Fiber connection and a LTE connection simultaneously, balancing the bandwidth between the two lines and intelligently offering more speed to devices which demanded it (such as computers tasked with uploading large video files).

The total bandwidth was approximately 300Mbps using two combined standard broadband services. Furthermore, as the infrastructure for and LTEis totally separate, an outage on one line is unlikely to affect the other. So this solution also acts as a backup, to keep the event running and online in the event of a service provider failure. provided a primary connection with over 300 Mbps and secondary LTE Bonding Internet at 50 Mbps.
This enabled their production team to transfer massive media files internally for approval with high-speed internet with a failover in case of any issues.
Our network design team worked closely with event organisers to design an event network that was capable of supporting Gigabit internal networking enabling high-speed internet for File Transfer.
Engineers were present throughout the event, working in shifts, covering over 24 hours to ensure the event ran smoothly and were on hand if any problems arose. specialises in developing, distributing, and managing technology that links event venues, neighbourhoods, communities, and towns. We are able to build and run smart managed venues across India.We have over 15 years of experience in IT event management, we are industry leaders in infrastructure solutions managed and monitored on-site by our own team of in-house experts.

If you're hosting, or exhibiting at, an upcoming event, we can help you with our Event Management IT services.